Meet Dana Tyler

Author. Teacher. Preacher. Intercessor. Editor. Event Planner

Dr. Dana Tyler is a licensed minister with the Shield of Faith Fellowship of Churches, International and is the singles director for that organization. She is a graduate of Liberty University where she studied Christian Counseling and is a faculty member of Next Dimension Bible College. Additionally, She serves on the Executive Leadership Team for Young Leaders Conference, a subsidiary of The MoorE group enterprises.

Dana has traveled to mexico, belgium and france for missions ministry; she has organized bible drives for pakistan, food and clothing drives to benefit the people of Peru, Congo, malawi, Chile and the philippines. She contributes annually to homeless shelters and women's shelters in the united states.

Ms. tyler  is the author of several books including Dominate Your Day, But When You Pray and Who Could Ever Love a Porcupine. She is the CEO of Tyler Enterprises, a consulting firm that specializes in assisting writers with editing services and self-publishing options. 

As founder of Kingdom Courting University, a teaching series based on her book Kingdom Courting, Dana has mastered the art of creating the perfect environment for relationships to develop and thrive organically. A combination of workshops and destination retreats, KCU is the best blend of recreation, spirituality and practical relational teaching on how to improve communication, develop conflict resolution skills and apply money management principles. HER TEACHING STYLE IS WITTY, HUMOROUS, ENERGETIC AND VERY CANDID. 

When she is not serving in the kingdom, she can be found on the shores of the nearest beach reading, kayaking or simply taking in the sun. A woman of prayer, Dana enjoys challenging those around her to look at the Word of God with a new perspective. SHe is the mother of two beautiful daughters, Danielle and Gabrielle.