Having difficulty praying? Don't quite know what prayer is or how it works? Do you need to improve the quality of your prayer and see more prayers answered? This book makes establishing a prayer routine simple and easy to do. Get a better understanding of prayer and start seeing results. Sample prayers have been written for you to model, there is room for you to journal your thoughts and track the prayers God has answered for you to increase your faith.

Passion will press you to endure the process to get good grades and compel you to keep working to finish college even when it's hard. Passion will urge you to find and connect with the right partners. It will spark an idea that guides your business pursuit. Passion will draw you back into the studio to record your next track. Passion will refuel you when you are tired and frustrated and want to quit. Passion will call you to study, to dig, to give, to strive and to keep going when everyone else has given up. 
As you read this, I want to ask you, Where is your passion? Where is that spark that lights up your heart...      

So You Think You're a Writer E-Course

This 30 minute online course is designed to assist aspiring authors with organizing their thoughts, optimizing their writing and providing options for low cost or no-cost publishing. Put pen to paper and get published!

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You were made to live an exceptional life. Sometimes the path to living exceptionally is filled with roadblocks: a poor self-image, a career that does not satisfy; relationships that are unfulfilling. All of these can keep you from envisioning a life full of extraordinary possibilities. This book will help you jump start your joy! You do not have to accept a life of mediocrity. Embark on a journey of change that will free you from stress, worry, insecurity and failure. Stop allowing life to kick you in the teeth and get on the path to dominating your day!

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My goal in writing this book is to debunk some of the myths and shed light on a few of the pretty girl problems I and others like me have faced. Will this book end world hunger, secure peace in the middle east or reduce the carbon footprint to end global warming? Absolutely, not! But, perhaps it will help you evaluate relationships a little differently and judge a pretty girl a little less harshly.

No matter who you are, you will have to learn to deal with the difficult people in your life. We all encounter people who seem to require a little extra care to love them. They seem to make liking them, let alone loving them a challenge.  I call these people porcupines! They have prickly personalities or hidden issues that cause them to be defensive. Despite their bristly attitudes, these people need love and we have to figure out how to reach them.  Learn how to navigate those problematic relationships and learn to love even the most difficult of people.

This is a companion workbook to Kingdom Courting. Kingdom Courting was derived from a ministry series taught by the author called, "How to Court in The Kingdom". It is now used as the textbook for Kingdom Courting University, a three-day conference for singles! The activities and quizzes help you develop intimacy with your potential mate and answer those pivotal questions necessary for a successful courtship and relationship.    

Kingdom Courting is a thought provoking reference guide that will take you on an introspective journey to discovering the purpose for your marriage, how you give and receive love and how to establish sound, healthy relationships. This book will transform  your thinking concerning building a family, your season as a single person, friendships, relationships, dating and marriage. There are spiritual and practical insights designed to strengthen relationships for both those who are married and single. Don't just search for a great spouse, become a great spouse!

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This little cookbook is comprised of a few recipes for some of my friends’ and family’s favorite things to eat. While I use a lot of McCormick products for seasoning, love is the secret ingredient! I was a mom "on the go" for so long, so a lot of these meals can be ready in 30 minutes or less. I hope you will adopt and adapt our family faves and make them some of your family faves!